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What is LeatherMagick?
We are a resource serving the Colorado Leather/BDSM community in times of financial, emotional, or physical setbacks. LeatherMagick raises funds throughout the year that go back directly into the community. Board members are all volunteer and all funds raised return to the community. In addition to funds, LeatherMagick may be able to assist with volunteers to assist. Please contact a board member if you are in need to see what assistance is available.

Why was LeatherMagick started?
LeatherMagick was started to fill a need in the community. In its original incarnation LeatherMagick was a group of friends who helped each other then expanded to providing resources to those in need. LeatherMagick has evolved into the organization it is today as a result of the time and volunteerism of community members. We feel that a community is at its strongest when its members stand together and reach out to others in need. Leather and Magick just seem to go hand in hand, and nothing touches deeper than the opportunity to give back.

What are the rules for asking for help from, or offering, assistance to LeatherMagick?
If you feel you are in need, have something to share, or know of a resource that could be beneficial to the community, all that needs to be done it to contact us via email. Please do not ask us to advertising events or clubs other than for purposes of charity or goodwill community-wide.

How does someone get help from LeatherMagick?
The best way to request assistance is to contact a LeatherMagick board member or email

What can I do to make a difference?
You can help support your local community by donating your time and/or money. We have fundraisers throughout the year if you would like to volunteer or attend with contributions. LeatherMagick also runs a number of raffles and auctions throughout the year that we take item donations to support. If you would like to make a financial donation, please contact one of our board members.